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Subject: Family Debt - little bald lolitas pussy Part FiveSteve's View.It was impossible to believe at first what Granddad was
telling us. I figured it must be some sort of joke, even
though I'd never thought of him as much of a joker, but
we walked in to find on his knees and Dad sucking his
cock. Which was one horny sight, I tell you. I'd messed
around with my mates a bit, and even had my cock sucked
for a joke once by a little queer in my class who would
do anybody if they pushed him around a little bit and
threatened to do more, but I'd never thought of myself as
anything but straight. But seeing your own Dad suck cock
is horny, whatever way you swing.I'd agreed to Granddad's deal without too much free extreme lolitas magazine thought
when he laid out the choices, though I wasn't too clear n
the details. I just figured that anything was better than
losing all my stuff and ending up in some residential
school. Computer, ipod, DVD player, stereo, TV, game
station. What the hell would I do with myself? Read a
book? And anyway, somewhere in the back of mind I still
had a sort of an idea that this was some kind of leg
pull. That was until Dad walked down the stairs with Aunt
Samantha and wearing Dawn's bra and panties. No way was
he going to do that for the sake of a practical joke.
Even though it was about the funniest thing I'd ever
seen.It stopped being funny when Granddad ordered Mum to strip
to her undies, and she just did it. The he brings out
that photo of her stark naked, and I tell you I can't get
enough of it. I'd reckoned she's a bit of a prude, and
I'd never seen her without clothes before. And here she
was, Firm tits for her age, and generally in good
condition all round. She exercised regularly and it
really showed. My eyes travelled to that hairy cunt that
Granddad was talking about, and I felt my cock getting
real hard inside my jeans. Not just seeing her there in
the picture, but having her stand there while we looked
at it and discussed her body. This deal was turning out
to be a real sweet one.Feeling Mum's arse was good, but I nearly burst out of my
jeans when Granddad told me to feel down the front of her
panties. I watched her face as I shoved my hand down
there. The skin of her stomach on my palm, then the
roughness of that bush of pubic hair and finally the soft
lips of her cunt. God, this was my Mum and I was having a
bloody good feel of her. And she was wet alright. Feeling
that wetness on my fingertips was what changed my
attitude to her forever. From that moment on, nothing was
ever going to be the same again.When Granddad pointed out Dad's boner, sticking out of
the top of free extreme lolitas magazine Dawn's panties like that, my first thought was
how sick that was. That he would get a hard-on from
watching his wife be groped, but I was to learn as the
days went on that I had no real idea of what sick really
meant. I was to see things and do things that made that
seem almost normal.Dawn really seemed to enjoy giving Dad that spanking on
his bare arse, laying into him with more enthusiasm than
I had ever seen her do anything. And she sure made his
arse red before she'd finished with him. Hidden depths
has my sister. And a dildo, which was another surprise.After she'd gone, Granddad went over to Dad, still bent
over the chair back with the panties down around his
thighs and his bare reddened arse sticking out. He gave
him a quick slap on one buttock, just in passing, and
positioned himself in front of Dad's face"Come over here, Steve," he called to me.I didn't need a second telling, and I stood there with
Granddad on one side of me and Aunt Samantha on the other
as we all looked down at my dad. Granddad had told Dawn
and me earlier about how Aunt Sam had hacked into Dad's
computer and got the transcripts of his conversations
with other men in sex chat rooms. Now, with Dad's face
getting as red as his arse, Granddad filled in a few more
details. He told me how Dad had fantasies about being
used and abused by a bunch of blokes, humiliated and made
to do things by them for their entertainment. And how in
one particular session he had talked about it being me
and a bunch of my mates who used him.Hearing that made me even nude little lolita galleries hornier that I already was, and
the thought of it set of a train of delicious thoughts in
my imagination. From the sound of it, Granddad was
talking as if we could make it happen sometime. Thinking
about it, I looked over at Mum where she was still
standing there in her bra and panties watching and
listening. And I added her to the images in my head.
Wouldn't that make me popular, I thought. Invite my
friends to fuck my Mum, and with my Dad watching
helpless. And not just fuck her, I thought, my mind
racing. They'd elect me to the sainthood for what I'd be
able to supply."Try him out," Granddad said, breaking into my thoughts.I stared at him. "You want Dad to suck me off?" I asked.He laughed. "No," he said. "I want you to fuck the dirty
little bitch's mouth."I became aware of Aunt Sam's hands on the front of my
jeans, pulling down my zip."Don't be shy, Steve," she said, pulling out my cock and
rolling it between her ling slim fingers. "Show us what
you've got."I felt her cool hands on my very hard and very hot cock,
and then she was guiding me towards Dad's face. She
placed the tip at his lips."Open up, slut," she ordered him. "Your son's going to
fuck your pretty little mouth. See if it's worth all his
friends coming round here to fuck it."Obediently, he opened his lips and Aunt Sam pushed me
forward so that my cock slipped between them. I looked
down, slightly dazed at seeing my cock disappearing into
my Dad's flowers lolitas nude com mouth. Feeling the warm moistness into which it
had penetrated. I started to thrust back and forth,
gently at first but then with less care as Aunt Sam's
hand in the small of my back urged me on and I realised
that I had the freedom to do exactly whatever I wanted. I
began to slam my cock into his mouth, raping it."Take it, bitch," I heard myself saying. "Take it all,
you worthless sissy cunt."
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